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This dressage stable of Isabel Cool, international GP rider, is the place to be if you are a true dressage fan. 

Isabel's focuss is training horses and students towards competitions. She is really ambitious and tries to bring out the best in every student and horse. She always takes her time when she is training young horses up to a higher level. Youth riders are here at the right address, because Isabel teaches with a lot of patience and enthusiasm. Next to training this young talents, she helps to develop small tour and GP riders to improve their horses. The mental support and guidance towards her students are important keys to make them ready for competitions. 

Isabel is really active on the showground, you will see here competing in a lot of shows, national and international ones. She rides a lot of different horses (of herself and owners) of different ages and in different levels. As a trainer her students can count on her and she helps them at the shows. Giving clinics and lessons at different locations, are also possibilities.

Isabel gives advise and help towards the purchase and sale of talented dressage horses/ponies. She always has nice horses or ponies for sale of different ages and levels. Owners can put their horses in training to help them getting better in shape, higher in level, and selling them better!

On this website you will find all the information of Isabel Cool's performances in the sport, her competitions, horses, students, sponsors and current horses for sale.

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What is possible at Coolhorses?

  • stabling of owners horses
  • stages/traineeships
  • private lessons
  • internships
  • coaching on competitions
  • buying and selling / advice
  • bring out on competition
  • Aquatraining