Coldplay top in the St Georges and Aranco top in the Inter2!

On the national show at Hulsterlo, 26th of September, Isabel started Coldplay in the St.Georges and inter1. He showed two relaxed tests, but didn't get so much points. They got 64,6% in the St.Georges and a 6th place, and 62,9% in the Inter1 with a 7th place. Aranco started in the Inter2 and was in great shape! He became 2nd with 68% and got 8 on passage!


On the national show at QC Stables, 4th of October, Isabel started Coldplay again in the 2 tests. She felt a great evolution of Coldplay during the test and it got rewarded with good points this time: 67,5% and 4th place in the St.Georges and 66,5% and 11th place in the Inter1. Aranco started in the Inter2 again but got really tensed by the loud motorcycles who passed by during the test. Eventually Isabel had a 2nd place and a score of 64,9% with him.