Constand makes a top début at his first international show!

It was a great show for Isabel and her two studs Cheatodon and Constand! She participated with both of them at the international small tour competition in Lier/Belgium. For Constand it was his first time competing in an international show and he did such a great job. The first day the St.Georges was ridden and there were 37 participants. Constand and Isabel had to bear the brunt and started at 8 o' clock in the morning. They took the lead with 71,5%, untill the penultimate combination jumped ahead. So they became 2nd. Cheatodon was the last to start in this test and got a score of 70,5% and a 6th place! Both horses were classified for the prize-giving ceremony and Constand's lap of honour was amazing!


The last competing day Isabel started with Constand in the big final Kur and Cheatodon in the InterI. Only 1 horse was allowed for the kur, so Isabel thought it was a safer choice to take Constand instead of Cheatodon. After Cheatodon latest explosions in the ring with the music, Isabel would not take the risk. Constand did an amazing job in the kur and scored 73,3% and a 3rd place! A super début for his international carreer.

Cheatodon rode a good InterI test but unfortunately 2 out of 5 judges were very low in points, what resulted in a lower score then deserved: 66,7% and an 8th place. Isabel was really proud of Cheatodon who remained calm and already showed a lot more stability during the test!



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Article Equnews

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