Ferrari wins the 4-year-olds at ILOVEJUMPING

What a great competition at ILoveJumping! A new initiative of Andrea Villaverde. This competition is initially for jumping riders, but this year they did an extra day to add a dressage program. There were tests for para equestrian riders and for young horses from 3 to 5 years old. The evening ended with a clinic by Tommie Visser and Rob Van Puyenbroeck. Towards next year the dressage program will probably expand to include freestyle and GP.
The ring looked like Christmas Jumping Mechelen in a mini version. The pictures speak for themselves! Beautiful prize-giving ceremonies, VIP tables, nature, extra stables were set up and even an interview/podcast team was present!

In this great atmosphere the horses of Isabel did well. Coolhorses Netallic won under Cyriel De Coker, the 3 year olds with 85%. In addition, our 4 year olds also did great: Cyriel rode Machoman to a 6th place with 82% and Maserati to a 7th place with 81%. Isabel Cool and Ferrari won this class with 86%. Ferrari showed his talents and was very impressive.
This was a great experience for these youngsters!