Practicing competition at Uden was top and paid off for CDN Massenhoven!

On Friday 29 January Isabel took 3 horses to the practicing competition at Uden, The Netherlands. Brencis started in the Inter1 and learned to wait during the test, instead of running. Freedom did a test for 5 year olds and learned to give in, also in the ring! And Cheatodon got a monster score of 75% in the Inter1 and a lot of praise from the judges. He now has an extra fan! Furthermore the judge was very pleased with the nice talented horses that Isabel represented.


Saturday 30 January It was a national show at Massenhoven. Isabel started Brencis in the Inter1 and it was a very easy well controlled test, with a 5th place and a score of 65,7%. She remembered it from the day before! Also Constand participated in the Inter1, but he had too much tension in the ring and became 6th with 65,2%.


Some pictures from Uden and Massenhoven: