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Sponsor CUSTOM Saddlery

Custom zadels is part of the bigger company CUSTOM Saddlery, 1 of the biggest American saddle manufacturers. Now there is one company located in the Netherlands, Europe: CUSTOM Zadels!

Custom works already for many years with topriders, like stefan Peeters, who also helped with the design of the saddles. CUSTOM is known for his perfect fit for horse and rider and for their comfort.


Do you also need a well fitting saddle for you and your horse? Are you tired of ‘customized saddles’ that don’t fit actually? Then you are at the right address with CUSTOM saddles who makes sure there is the perfect fit for both you and your horse.

The advantage of the CUSTOM saddles is they can be adapted to your horse any time. Sometimes your horse has more muscles in the back (in periods of hard training), and sometimes they have less muscles (in periods of revalidation). Then Custom can adapt this kind of saddles to your horse, because of the system how its made. So you don’t need to buy another saddle!


CUSTOM is also super with his clients service and only wants perfection for you and your horse!