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Equicty is a software program that supports the management and planning in stables. It feels like a kind of ‘superpower’ to coordinate and communicate all activities at the stable or on the road with our ready-to-use platform.

It contains 3 parts:

  1. stable management software: for a full control of your stablemanagement
  2. smart stable board: a computer screen on the workplace where you can follow and adjust the all-in-one digital planning
  3. mobile application: you can download an app on your Iphone, so you have access to the planning anywhere and anytime

The founder is Bram Balcaen, a professional IT’er with a heart for horses. Through the years Equicty has grown a lot and there are 2 co-owners now: Samir Brahimi and Kristof Goeminne.


founder Bram Balcaen