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Sponsor Equiline

Equiline is Italy’s leading manufacturer of accessories and clothing for the riding world. Established in the early 80’s on the initiative of Paolo Marchetto, Equiline is Italy’s leading manufacturer of riding accessories and clothing that are created

for the wellness of both riders and their horses. The Equiline brand stemmed from the riding passion of its creator as well as his attachment to his horses. Marchetto started by creating a unique saddle-pad which was innovatively and uniquely made of natural highly-breathable fibres (ACS System) and which already featured an integrated shock-absorbing system.


Over the years, the experience, knowledge and research into the textile fibres the core elements – led Equiline to develop its own line of riding technical wear. The company’s verve for innovation encouraged the significant-yet- focused investment in the areas of:

  • R&D
  • HR
  • Marketing and Communication

These managerial decisions have allowed Equiline to develop in the market both with its own lines of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, and with a complete line of accessories for horses, as well as with an innovative line of Jumping and Dressage saddles.