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Ciska Vermeulen

Name: Ciska Vermeulen
Birthday: 12-12-1986
Profession: Manager Insideout
Level: Internationaal PE

Ciska always loved horses, just like her mother did. When she was a child she was very afraid of riding, but when she was a teenager it got better and she started to ride more. For her 16th birthday she got her first dressage horse, a schoolmaster of 16 years old. With him she competed the first time, and that's when her true ambition appeared. After some time, 2 new young horses were bought: Wooney Tunes and Rohmeo (both really young horses). With this 2 dressage horses she wanted to grow in dressage. With Rohmeo she started at the regional competitions for 5 year old horses, where she won a lot. Also at the national shows she competed with Rohmeo in the young horses classes. Ciska didn' have the experience to train young horses up to a higher level, so it took her a liitle bit longer to get there. Eventually she worked both of her horses up to the M10 level. 

In 2008 she had a bad accident by falling from a horse, and broke her arm in a complex way. After a long revalidation and several surgeries, there was an unfixable damage. Since that time Ciska competed in the para-equestrian dressage sport, in grade 4.

She already achieved some great results: Gold at CPEDI Moorsele, top 3 at CPEDI Deauville and Roosendaal, 5th and 6th place at the EC Moorsele in 2011, 4th and 5th place at the Paralympic Games of London 2012, 4the and 5th place at the EC Herning 2013, participation to the WEG Caen in 2014, 5th place at the Paralymic Games Rio 2016 and 5th place at the WEG Tryon 2018.

Since 2016 Ciska is trained by Isabel Cool. She wanted a trainer that was very motivated and helped her to get better. Since her trainings with Isabel she noticed a big evoltution of herself, her horse and also an increase in the results. 

In 2018 she bought Coolhorses Imagine, a yound dressage horse born at Coolhorses and trained by Isabel. Imagine will succeed Rohmeo and hopefully with even better results!

Ciska's goal is to continue this evolution and work towards the Paralymic Games Tokyo 2020 with Rohmeo or Imagine.



Recommendation of Ciska:

"Isabel can motivate me and learns me how to improve the movement of my horses, in a fun way for myself and my horses. She is firm but fair and there is always space for rewarding the horses."