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Emilie De Meerler

Name: Emilie De Meerler
Birthday: 28-04-1981
Profession: Payroll Advisor
Level: Nationaal St.Georges

Emilie started to ride at the age of 9. It all started with a promenade she did with her father through the woods. They passed by a ridingschool and since then Emilie really wanted to learn how to ride horses. In the beginning her parents were against it, but Emilie persevered and got her way. She first rode with the horses of the riding school, but a lot of horses got sold, and other horses came along. Emilie didn't like that because she was too attached to the horses. So 1 day she got her own mare, Victoria. Victoria stayed with Emilie untill she died of old age, she was 25 yo. After that Heroe, her second horse, came along. It was a Spanish horse with a lot of character. He was first meant to be the promenade horse of her father. Because he was too crazy nobody of the family wanted to ride him. So Emilie took care of him and started to ride dressage and her first competitions with him. They competed in the regional shows in level 0 and 1, where they won a lot. Afterwards it was too difiicicult for his body to train him up to a higher level, so another more talented horse was bought: Fider. A 4 yo gelding thas was just saddle broken, but Emilie fell in love right a way. She started him in the 5 and 6 yo competitions at the regional level, where they won a lot. After the young horse classes, they started in the regional shows from level 0 up to level 3, where they also won a lot. They stayed on evolving and started the national shows in level M10, also with places of honour and victories. Now they are riding the St.Georges level with nice scores already. Under the guidance of Isabel Cool Emilie wants to develop her riding and her horse, so they get better and better...

Emilie's goals are riding Inter1 level, getting the selections and participate at international shows.


Recommendation of Emilie:

"I think Coolhorses is a really good stable to put your horses, because of the good stable management and good care they give. I could leave my horses with a trustworthy feeling because I see and know that Isabel takes care of the horses of the clients like she does it for her own horses.

Furthermore I think the lessons of Isabel are super: she is firm but fair, the horses need to listen but get rewarded when they are doing well. She is not only saying which aids you need to give, but also why you need to do it. So you get a good technical explanation after every aid. For myself it is also very important to have a trainer who can push me a little bit, therefore I dare more to ride. Isabel has a really good influence on that and stimulates me a lot to have more courage."