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Freija Van Gyseghem

Name: Freija Van Gyseghem
Birthday: 06-01-1989
Profession: Secretary
Level: regionaal niveau 3

Freija started with horseback-riding at the age of 7. She rode on a riding-school for several years because she didn't have a horse herself. When she was 16 Freija started to groom for Isabel Cool and also helped with riding some horses. Top Secret was a jumping horse who was in training with Isabel for quite some years, and was transformed into a dressage horse! freija helped with riding him and fell in love with him! One day the owner decided to sell Toppie and Freija was the first in line. In 2013 she became the new owner of Toppie. Together with Isabel she started to train so she and Toppie could develop as a new combination. Freija participated at her first dressage shows: she started in level 2 and booked a lot of success! In 2013 she became 2nd on the Cup of Oost-Vlaanderen and 2nd on the HROV Championship! In 2014 she started in level 3, but realised quickly that her 'jumping horse' was not good enough to compete in this level. She needed a horse with more talent for dressage and better gaits, unfortunately Toppie didn't have that... Freija searched a new home for Toppie and looked for a talented new prospect. In 2016 she found Glamour, a talented young mare. With the guidance of Isabel she hopes to grow in the dressage sport!