Coldplay top in the InterI Massenhoven and Cheatodon naughty in the KUR!

Saterday Isabel went with 2 horses to the national show at Massenhoven: Coldplay and Cheatodon! She participated both in the InterI. Coldplay did a super nice test with no big mistakes, just some small things to improve. He got 66,5%. Cheatodon remembered his training at Patrik Kittel this week: Isabel could keep him more in front of her and he stayed more steady in the contact the whole test. Unfortunately they got 3 big mistakes: a little dribble trot at the end of the extented walk, 1 mistake in the 3 tempies and the backwards that was too quick. A total score of 65,6% which was way too low! 1 judge only gave 64% and that was not deserved. Hopefully next time a litlle bit more luck with the judges. 


Sunday it was a national show at Gent, a really nice show with a lot of horse things to see! The kur InterI was part of it and only 15 combinations could start. Isabel wanted Constand to participate, but he hurt himself in the field and couldn't go. So she replaced him by Cheatodon. Not an expert in riding kur's but, hey, he needs to learn it! Isabel took the risk to take him with her, but he exploded in the canter tour! The entrance and trot work was really super, but then the changes came and he lost his coolness! Only 60% and ending up last was not the intention, but it was an experience again and hopefully he will learn that it's  not such a big deal to ride a kur!