Constand 3rd place in the Kur at the WEN, and Cheatodon rocks in the clinic of Kittel!

It was a successful day at the Winter Equestrian Nights at Lier. A nicely decorated arena, the pleasant atmosphere and a lot of spectators made it a wonderful experience! First there was a clinic of Isabel's own trainer Patrik Kittel. He gave 2 training lessons to 2 different riders. First it was Jorinde Verwimp who participated with a younger horse, afterwards it was Isabel Cool with Cheatodon. They showed how they train a horse up to small and big tour level. Cheatodon was showing off! Super canter pirouettes, well jumped 1 tempies and super nice passage! Several times he got the applause he deserved. After the break Patrik rode himself with his World Cup horse 'Toy story'. 

After the clinic, the Kur Inter1 started with 15 competitors. It became an exciting battle between the first 3 riders. Tom Franckx won, Jorinde Verwimp became 2nd and Isabel Cool finished in 3rd place. Isabel was more then happy and proud with Constand, he did a super job for his first time riding a kur Inter1! They got 72,96%!!


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