Constand 7th in the big final and Cheatodon 2nd in the small final at CDI Zeeland!

It became an intens week at CDI Nieuw and Sint-Joosland (Zeeland, The Netherlands) for Isabel and her 2 boys, with ups and downs...

The day of the vetcheck everything passed smoothly, Cheatodon and Constand behaved like real gentlemen.

The first competition day it was really bad weather with a lot of wind and rain, and it was the first outdoor of the season, so bad luck for sure! Constand didn't mind riding his test in the rain and did a super job scoring 68,2% and an 8th place of honour. 

But Cheatodon hated the rain and got really nervous in the test, with a 24th place and 64,7% as result.

The second day they both needed to ride the InterI. With Constand Isabel rode a steady test with nice canterpirouettes and trot parts... A good score of 68,9% again and a 9th place of honour! But Cheatodon, again, didn't feel like riding in the wind and got more nervous then the day before. A lot of mistakes and a bit naughty behaviour made a score of 62% unfortunately. 

Constand could go to the big final Kur InterI and Cheatodon to the Small Final St.Georges.

The last day Cheatodon could ride his test inside and he acted normal again. Isabel rode him to a second place with 68,974%, really close to the winner, Sophie Baetens, who got 69%! A good test with a good feeling again and really nice canter pirouettes and trot extensions made of Isabel a happy rider again!

Constand was steady again at the last day and performed really well in the kur. A 7th place and 70,45%!

Despite all the stress, the bad weather, the ups and downs, Isabel could count on a nice bunch of people who were there laughing and joking! It's nice to have people in the sport that can be friends as well! Thanks Tommie Visser, Liselot Dupont, Jan Rombaut and Denis Bervoets for making the evenings worth to remember!