Coolhorses Syria on the Europeans at Malmö

After earning the titel of Belgian Champion Pony's, Syria left for the European Championship in Malmö, Sweden. Isabel and Hans, daddy of Yana Rynders, drove the truck during hours and hours, because it was a really long trip!! Isabel was still exhausted from the Belgian Championship the days before. She just got home in the evening with her horses, and left at night off to the Europeans! Life of a coach can be hard, but it's all worth while!

When the team members (Yana Rynders, Inne Peytier, Kayleigh Beulens and Dente De Schepper) and pony's finally arrived safetly and sound, everything was installed at the camping spot and at the stables. It was a beautiful place, with nice weather and sociability. You really have to be able to enjoy a championship like this. Eventually you made it so far, so it's better to enjoy it while you're here!

After the pony's, riders, parents, trainers and teamchef Laurence van Doorslaer were recovered from the long ride, the real game began: preparing for the vetcheck and training. All belgian pony's passed the vetcheck easily, unlike some countries (Germany) were there was some panic after ponies who didn't pass the vetcheck. All of our riders and ponies seemed to be in good shape, so let the EC begin!

Syria didn't have troubles from the transport, except that she was really hot! She had so much energy that Isabel and Dente decided to train her several times untill she calmed down. Eventually she got calmer and rode a nice test the first competing day. There was still some tension in the trot tour, so higher scores were not possible. All belian combination did a good job and became 7th with the team. It was the second day that determined which combinations could go to the individual final. Unfortunately Syria was scared of the noise around the ring and made some mistakes. She got a score of 65,5% and no place in the finals. Kayleigh and Inne were the 2 combinations of Belgium that were placed for the kur. The whole team stayed together to support them in their last day of competing!


It was a wonderful experience with a lot of nice performances, tension, stress, sociability ... A mix of emotions!! Dolce and Chanel were there the whole time having the time of their lifes!