Disappointing WEG Tryon

The WEG Tryon, World Equestrian Games, didn't go as expected for Aranco and Isabel. Isabel had to retire, almost at the end of the test, because Aranco got so affraid of something in the audience. He was so scared he didn't want to go to that one corner, and so in the line of the one tempies they stopped. Unfortunatly, because they were both riding a super strong test with a score of 69,5% and more to come. Aranco always scores high in the canter tour and can gain 2% more with the canter excersises. 

The day before the show Aranco got spooked from something in that same corner during the familiarisation. The organisation of the WEG was not good at all, they were really behind schedule with building up the whole WEG, as well as the dressage arena. During the familiarisation they were busy working and finishing the seats and buildings around the ring, what caused a lot of noise for the horses. We think Aranco got scared because of what happened during this familiarisation and therefore got spooked in the test. He never did a reaction like this his entire life and normally is really steady in the show arena... A real pitty that this happens at a world championship.

However Isabel tries to stay positive because she knows now that it is possible to ride high scores with Aranco in championships like this. She is also very pleased with the support she receives of collegue riders and friends. It sucks that she had to retire but this happens with sports and horses. We think forward now and working towards the next show!