Practicing competition and training with Kittel TOP!

The practacing competition at Uden was great. Isabel took Constand, Cheatodon and Coldplay with her to ride the Inter1 test. Cheatodon did a good job with a strong canter tour. The trot was more difficult this time but a good score of 69,9%. Constand was really top in the test, with a strong trot and canter tour he had a nice score of 70,5%. Coldplay was good behaving in the warming-up with the other horses, he showed some nice things. In the test he listened good, but still some small mistakes and a score of 63%. Isabel was really happy with the horses and they learned a lot!


On 23 and 24 February Isabel went to Patrik Kittel's place to train with Constand and Cheatodon. They were in good shape. Especially Constand! He starts to understand how to piaffe and passage, and showed really nice pieces! Cheatodon is always easy in the canter, but the trot is a working point! Isabel and Patrik practiced a lot on the normal trotting and half-passes so he can develop more in that. The second day was already a lot better. Now Isabel has some homework with these 2 boys!


Picture of Cheatodon in Uden: