Successful Kur at CDI Drachten

CDI Drachten didn't start so good with the too tensed Cheatodon. After the vetcheck Isabel could explore the ring, but Cheatodon was too hot. After CDI Mechelen he seemed to have lost his confidence... Luckely Isabel still had 1 day to fix it. In the St.Georges he remained calm and Isabel rode the test quietly to regain his trust. A safe test resulted in a 10th place with 66,8%, and a place in the finals. After the 'explosive' kur at CDI Mechelen Isabel decided to make a totally different kur for Cheatodon so he could relax more. He liked the new kur and kept his coolness! They became 8th with 67,5%


Constand also came to Drachten as a traininghorse, so he could get use to indoor competitions... Isabel trained him intensively, but also relaxed a little bit during a nice sunny walk on the competition area. The weather was sunny but cold, and Isabel's biggest fans, Dolce and Xena, didn't like the low temperatures!