Successful selection show with all 3 horses!

Isabel participated at the national selection show at Dentergem past weekend with her 3 handsom guys : Aranco, Cheatodon and Freedom. With Freedom she rode her best inter1 test so far, and gained the victory with a score of 71%. She particpated Cheatodon in the InterB test, where they where the only starting combination, and rode a steady  fluent test with a scor of 69%. Cheatodon gets more calm in the test and there is a hugh progression in the way he acts, no stress anymore. Isabel was very pleased with this feeling. The latest of the day was Aranc, to start in the Grand Prix Special, also only starting combination that day... His trot part improved a lot and got a lot of high scores on the passage and other trot work, only 2 big mistakes in the one tempies dropped the score unfortunately. Still they had a nice result of 68,7%!

Her supporting team brought her good luck! Check the picture with the young fan 'Kinley' (one of Isabel's students) who liked to ride the big truck for her!