Top 5 for Cheatodon at CDI Mechelen!

At Christmas time there is always a really nice international show in the Nekkerhal in Mechelen, Belgium. 'Kerstjumping Mechelen' is the place to be for every horse lover, and it is a competition on international level! 90% of the competitions are jumpings, but every time they also organize a 5 star international small and big tour competition. Isabel and Cheatodon were selected for the small tour! The first day Cheatodon did a super test and scored 69% and a 5th place in the St.Georges. This result was above Isabel's expectations, because of the strong competitiors field! Riders like Tommie Visser, Patrick Van Der Meer, Katja Gevers, but also really good Belgian riders like Jorinde Verwimp, Sophie Van Lent-Baetens and Françoise Hologne... The top 6 could go to the finals kur, so Cheatodon and Isabel were in! In the kur Cheatodon was too tensed unfortunately, he exploded from the music. They became 6th with 64,5%. Despite the kur, Isabel was satisfied of the hole Mechelen experience with Cheatodon doing a great job in the St.Georges. And the kur.... That's some training work to take with her at home! Together with trainer Patrik Kittel, who followed everything in Mechelen, they decided to change the choreo and music so Cheatodon can relax more next time!


The nice atmosphere in Mechelen is also worth while! A lot of familiar faces, nice shops... Furthermore there was the press-conference of the upcoming Clinic of Kittel in the WEN (end of January 2016). Together with Isabel and Jorinde Verwimp, the 2 clinic riders, he was on the picture!



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