Training at Kittel and Glorious 3rd in the 5 year olds!

On the 14th and 15th of April, Isabel took her 2 handsome boys 'Constand and Cheatodon' to Patrik Kittel's place for tarining. Cheatodon showed a lot of progression in the trot, it was easier to carry himself and staying steady in the neck. Constand was trained on the GP excercises: some nice piaffe work, and already a good zigzag in the canter... It always amazing to train with Patrik. He is such a talented rider and trainer, with a lot of knowledge and patience to learn me every step of the way how to become a better rider!


The 16the of April it was a competition for young horses in St-Truiden. Glorious (Krack C x Kigali) alreday did a super job the week before in Diepenbeek, scoring 74,9%. But now she did even better scoring 75% and becoming 3rd of a big competitors field. She showed nice elastic trot work, a good big and active walk, and an easy collectable canter. Furthermore she has such a great character and is really steady and easy-going during the whole test!

Faithfull (Vivaldi x Purioso) participated in the 6 year old class for the first time. Isabel knows it's still difficult for her to do all the excercises, but once she is in the ring, she gives the best of herself! The test got a score of 67,5%.

Freedom also participated in the same class... For him it's not difficult, because he has more balance by nature, but he likes to fool around and being a little bit naughty! The trot and walk parts were good, but during the canter he started to bock the whole time!! Therefore the score was low and he had 66,5%. Next time hindquarters on the ground please!!